(With a lot of people think sex is love, but for the definition of true love, is different. Perhaps a speaking to 419 for some gay friends, is true love, the seas run dry and the rocks crumble, to die of love is love! What is the definition of each has his strong point, see you.)


(For the gay community special love, thought, many factors such as social gave a lot of pressure, although gay has recorded in ancient times, even so, in recent years gradually attention by the society! Only a few countries and areas presented the comrade relevant policies. This is thankfully.)


Gay dating difficult, there are reasons:


(Now than before, many people complain about, comrade number increases, the corresponding policy, why still can’t find a life together?)


(1. Many people dare not face yourself like gay, itself is not acceptable, let alone accept others, so no comrade to join the ranks;)


(2. Married comrades, married gay heart is very tangled, have a family, have children, want to consider a lot of things, in this environment, chose 419, or the spirit of love;)


(3. The mating type: middle love and love, old and young, little love, just love and love little baby… If used deduction can draw, can love each other very limited;)


(4. Not for love, for money, grow handsome, and rich, powerful, natural desires of the heart, do not have friends and don’t be discouraged. (some people may produce antipathy to this article, please do not reserved seats, can ignore…)


(5.Busk not prostitution, only talk about money don’t talk about feeling, make you crazy in love with, but let you get, only crazy let you brush sense “” anger, see your indifference, casual tone your appetite; (the same here to have false))


(6. Pure chat, not dating, don’t talk about feelings, not 419)


(General Outlines, the majority of minor is not listed! MB is a kind of occupation, a true gay, also false gay, the purpose is very clear, isn’t in it. So, you can find a smaller chance? So, don’t worry, slowly to, worry is very easy to fall.)

[su_quote cite=”怎样高质量交友呢?” url=”https://www.aoogod.com/archives/3130″]首先了解哪些gay不能招惹![/su_quote]


(A few days ago, a friend chat with small make up, talking about his own dating experience, although life into several people, but did not stay too long, he put all the reasons, actually otherwise, small make up are summarized, the friend dating have misconceptions:)


(1. Dating blindly, not sure the other is to be together or body satisfaction, decided to bed, but the novelty, the somebody else will stay? A few times, this appears more;)


(2. Urgent, he and small make up, not married, a person struggle in the outside, don’t want to find a girlfriend, feel life is boring, sometimes will suddenly looking for someone to accompany in particular, have this idea, immediately to the dating sites or other platforms crazy, only someone response,… This not also understand)


(This is just a situation analysis, according to online, make friends should keep their bottom line! People can’t cross the line, and she is not;)


(Dating remember:)


(Don’t worried, don’t blindly, feeling the come naturally;)


(Don’t to face, don’t for money, happy life with new arrivals;)


(Don’t quarrel, don’t play, create good future together;)


(Make good friends, and good marriage, good friend is the wealth;)


(Don’t play with, don’t cheat, ripoff the sorrow.)


(As fast as gossip, popularity, reputation;)


(No comparison, no envy, compare hurt himself.)[/v_notice]


(Ok, here is over, to paraphrase the old saying: “riding a white horse prince is not necessarily, also may be acrobat”! Frank went to attentively, will find a good, love each other!)


(English translation for machine automatic translation, can understand Chinese don’t care about English! It will be a great hurt)[/v_error]





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