From his underwear to see men sex psychology

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Underwear can reflect a man a lot of things, of which, can reflect a man’s sex psychology, follow the below small make up together to get to know it.


Men’s underwear can reflect its sex psychology


Men’s underwear, is like a woman’s underwear, is full of sexy charm. As a man the most close-fitting clothing, underwear is easy to put the man betrayed, a underwear can leak out his mark, the sex, including his “sex” age. Through the choice of underwear, can see through a man’s real psychology.


Clean degree is equal to the age


Age can not pass the test validation, also have no a way to test it out. To know a man’s sex age, look at his pants clean or dirty is unknown. People are better, man. Because people’s first impression from the appearance of clothing, in order to please the right women, they have struggled to pretend to be very confident in appearance, behavior, make women believe that their is also a good lover in bed. But the man is a good lover in bed is not a dress, you can by his underwear, because pants clean degree = sex age.


Underwear, regardless of style and quality, must be clean and tidy, don’t clean very bacteria disease, affect male reproductive ability. A men who do not pay attention to protect our privacy, can he attaches great importance to the quality of sex? Predictably, his age is still in the stage of the little boy, think underwear just to cover up. If you hope he can give you high quality sex, is completely possible.


Package the less the more like their performance


Underwear can be divided into a variety of styles, in addition to the traditional triangle pants, pants (boxers), and sexy thong (T – the back), dangerous low waist, legs, a high and attractive design such as adjustable elastic design, and choose what style of underwear also can show a man’s age.


Choose traditional triangular pants men, thought also is very conservative, traditional most depressing, lack of new idea, in the bed of a mediocre; Choose pants man, outside and inner heat, is a typical frowsty coquettish type, pays attention to aesthetic feeling, very pay attention to the interactive and partners; Choose thong man, love to express themselves, the pursuit of stimulation, but ignore the love feeling. Look at his underwear styles, you can probably touch his weaknesses and preferences.


Recommendation: men how to select the appropriate underwear


Work in order to fit the corners of underwear or t-shaped pants is appropriate, the two can compare most often at work, such as trousers or jeans wear pants “match”. When you rest at home, easing the flat pants when is first selection, the benefit is that allows free press in pants organ in daily activities. Hang out with t type of underwear is preferred, can reduce large activity, such as a long walk to the organ in friction. Sleep optimization boxers or flat pants, sports shorts or a mesh design.


Motion to permeability is better shorts, or material similar to swim trunks, close-fitting breathable leggings as well. Aims to the thigh, hip and minimizing the friction between the sexual organs. In addition, specially designed for athletes sport wear underwear is also good, is the organ in part with a triangular stereo clipping the cups hold, there is a elastic around each hold the buttocks, can make your hips more masculine. On a business trip or travel, disposable paper or cotton underwear is the best choice. In addition, the general white pants can also be considered.


Fat body sweat, especially since the drive of man, not often wear cotton underwear, should choose to feel is smooth, absorbent and easy dry fabrics (such as South Korea silk fabrics), if necessary in the bottom of key parts with pure cotton underwear, to avoid the gooey feeling.

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